Cecile Swim is a swimwear label created for you and our earth.
Based in Perth, Western Australia, and ethically sourced and handmade in Indonesia, Cecile Swim focuses on designing quality, durable pieces that can be worn time and time again. Our designs support slow fashion and are inspired by the idea that loved clothes last.
We are more than just a swimwear label. Every day we learn more about our industry and it is our mission to share our knowledge and raise awareness about the importance of ethics and sustainability in fashion and swimwear.


Cecile Swim produces limited quantities, supporting low production runs and quality pieces so that tailors are able to work in an environment in which they feel comfortable in. Our Founder, Charlotte, makes visits to the Cecile Swim factory to guarantee transparency, fair wages and to ensure that rights are met for all workers.
If you have any questions about our ethical practices, we’d be happy to answer any questions at hello@cecileswim.com.

Environmental Sustainability

All of our swim pieces are versatile and made to last. There is no such thing as “out of fashion” with our pieces. We have designed our one pieces and tops to be worn in and out of the water – as bodysuits or bralettes so our #cecilesisters can get the most out of their Cecile Swim pieces.
All of our swim pieces come in a reusable bag to reduce the use of single-use plastics. By using our reusable swim bags, we can all avoid using other single-use plastic bags to store our swimwear whilst they are wet or during travel.
Our manufacturers are also in-line with our environmental beliefs. Our manufacturers work to minimise offcuts when making our patterns and are passionately involved in cleaning up our oceans.
Recently, we have also made the change to compostable courier bags that can be composted at home. We are aware that there will always be more that we can do to reduce our environmental impact and we are working our way to being as environmentally sustainable as possible as we grow our brand.
If you have any questions about our environmental impact, we’d be happy to answer any questions at hello@cecileswim.com.


Supporting our customers and our local community is really important to us. We believe in inclusivity and diversity in fashion. After all, anybody can be a Cecile Sister.
Empowering our #cecilesisters to love and care for themselves more is one of our core missions. Our goal is to spread this message of self love throughout our community to encourage more girls and women to not only feel comfortable in but to adore the body that they’re in.


Founded and directed by Charlotte Cecile Cheong, Cecile Swim was officially launched in November 2017. 
Before launching Cecile Swim, Charlotte moved to Australia to pursue her studies. She has recently graduated with a degree in Wildlife Conservation. As much of what she studied involves the environment, she has been exposed to the negative environmental impacts the fashion industry has on our planet. From the extensive use of plastic to toxic chemical runoffs into our oceans, she realised that things needed to change in order for our earth to sustain the biodiversity that exists in the environment.
Toward her late teens, Charlotte found herself in Indonesia exploring ethical and sustainable clothing production lines that they have to offer. Being born and raised in Singapore, a tropical island nation in Southeast Asia, Charlotte spent the majority of her childhood days by the beach and engaged in water sports. She found that creating an ethical and sustainable swimwear brand was the ultimate creative outlet for her – where her love for the environment and fashion meet.
Charlotte is passionate about designing each piece for maximum comfort – for she believes every girl and woman should love their body and feel confident in it.
Much love from,
Cecile Swim

Acknowledgement of Country

We would like to acknowledge that Cecile Swim is situated on the lands of the Whadjuk Nyungar people. We pay respect to their enduring and dynamic culture and leadership of Nyungar elders both past and present.