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How to Make the Most of Your Cecile Swim Pouch

Our pouches were designed to help avoid single-use plastic bags. Their main purpose? For all our #cecilesisters to store their swim after visiting the beach or pool without getting everything wet.   But that’s not all our Cecile Swim pouches can be used for! We’ve come up with a few creative ideas to help you get the most love out of your pouch.

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How to Care For Your Cecile Swim Pieces

Showing love to your swim pieces will make them last longer. We've put together a step by step guide to show you how to care for your swim pieces and our Earth. It is both chemical free and reduces the shedding of microfibers into our ocean by using organic soapberries, which can be found in most eco or natural health stores.

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Buy Less on Boxing Day

Instead of purchasing new items on Boxing Day, what if we were to start a new tradition? Imagine how much we could slow down the fashion industry if chose to repurpose, regift, declutter and donate items responsibly instead? Or to simply relax at home with those who matter most?

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