Becoming More Aware in the New Year

It’s the time of year where we all begin to reflect. We look back on all that we’ve achieved and perhaps haven’t achieved over the past 12 months.

We think about the great moments, where we celebrated birthdays and weddings, moments where we achieved our hardest goals and made the most change.

However, each year wouldn’t really be a year without our moments of disappointment and loss. Without our mistakes and failures.

While it can be hard to overcome these difficult moments, all we can do is promise ourselves to learn from them in the years to come.

What a year it’s been for Cecile Swim! We celebrated our first birthday, are continuing to build our inspiring community, and have taken strides alongside our mission to raise awareness about sustainable and ethical fashion, to create positive environmental change, and to encourage more self-love.


Cecile Swim Aries Ethical Two Piece

Continuing our mission

Next year, our resolution is to continue to become more aware and to encourage awareness. We believe it’s so important to continue to open our minds up to the world, to learn, and to encourage others to do the same.

Awareness is our New Year’s Resolution (and is at the core of our mission) because we believe it can lead to a better understanding of our world for ourselves and for everyone who discovers us. Most importantly, a better understanding of our world can bring about conscious social and environmental change and real personal fulfilment.

Widening our horizons and becoming more aware of what is happening around us helps us each decide what specific goals we would like to focus on in the New Year. It can help us realise our deepest passions that help us decide what we’d like to advocate for – whether it be personal, social, environmental, or all of the above!

2019 and beyond

So, in 2019, we’d love you to join us in continuing to become more aware, openminded, and mindful. To live more consciously and from there, to find your passion in making positive change (and to reduce your negative impact too!). To chase what makes you spark, to make a difference, and to find a happiness that can’t be bought.

With our warmest wishes for 2019 and beyond,

Cecile Swim