How to Care For Your Cecile Swim Pieces

Showing love to your swim pieces will make them last longer. We've put together a step by step guide to show you how to care for your swim pieces and our Earth.

It is both chemical free and reduces the shedding of microfibers into our ocean by using organic soapberries, which can be found in most eco or natural health stores. 

We recommend that all your Cecile Swim pieces be washed by hand in a large enough bowl, so your washing mixture can be used to water the garden or your indoor plants after use rather than washed down the drain. For the purposes of these instructions, we used a clear glass bowl.

Aries Line Drying in Sun

1. Prepare the Soap Berries

Follow the instructions on your soapberry bag to create a concentrated soapberry mixture. For our mixture, we used 5 soapberries to a 1000ml jar of warm (pre-boiled) water. Slightly shake the jar to release the saponins (the soap). The mixture will end up looking sort of like a soapberry ‘tea’.

Soapberries mixture

 2. Prepare the bowl

Once the first step is completed, add the soapberry mixture to a bowl of cool water. It’s likely you won’t need to add the whole mixture to your bowl, so store what’s left over for later use.


Organic Soapberries Handwashing

 3. Wash your Cecile Swim

Focus on a garment at a time. Carefully submerge your swimwear in the water and swish it about. Do not rub, twist, or wring your swimwear as this may result in damage to the fabric. Once washed, gently lift your swimwear out of the water and hold for a moment over your bowl. Wait for the remaining water to naturally drain from your garment.

Ethical Swimwear Wash Soapberries

Ethical Swimwear Wash Soapberries

 4. Hang to dry

You can either lay your swimwear flat to dry or hang them on a line. Either way, make sure to dry your Cecile Swim pieces out of full sunlight for the longevity of the fabric. For our Earth and for the shape of your pieces, never dry your pieces in the clothes dryer.


Drying Swimwear Naturally

 5. Empty the bowl

As organic soapberries come from the Earth, you can return your handwashing mixture to the soil once used. This ensures no drop of water goes to waste and your plants get a few extra nutrients as well.

Using Soapberries Water Garden

Now simply wait for the natural elements to dry your Cecile Swim pieces!

Washing your swimwear with soapberries is really that easy, is great to help your swimwear last longer, and is gentle on our Earth. You really can't get a better laundry experience than that! 


Much love from,

Cecile Swim