Earth Day Awareness Month

Earth day is annually celebrated on the 22nd of April - this year, Cecile Swim's first campaign will be to raise awareness for this special day. 20% of our gross sales will be donated to the Earth Day Network (the largest environmental movement) for the month of April.

Earth day is mainly focused on environmental protection; this year their main movement is to end the pollution of plastic. Today there are over 1 billion people and nearly 195 countries that play apart in conserving our environment - this is how we would like to play our part:

As a brand, our mission is to use our label as a platform to raise awareness for sustainable and ethical fashion and bring about change in the environment. Our pieces are designed to be timeless staples which are made out of durable and high quality fabrics to avoid repurchasing of products which is a main contributor to the negative impacts of the fashion industry. We also reduce and minimize our use of single-use plastic products by replacing them with biodegradable and recycled materials.

Cecile Swim is ran and owned by creative designer Charlotte Cecile Cheong; she is also currently doing a double major in Conservation Wildlife and Animal Health. She is a strong believer in going green and does this by collaborating both her love for fashion and the conservation of the environment. She is always searching for ways to better our products in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

We’re aware of what is happening to our Mother Earth, climate change is REAL. We’re always told to GO GREEN but not told how to do it, however we feel that by taking initiative and advocating the Earth day movement of by ending plastic pollution we can make a change.

We hope that with your support we can work towards a greener tomorrow and continue to nurture our customers to shop sustainably.

Download the Earth Day Network's 'Plastic Pollution Primer and Action' Toolkit here!

Much love from,

Cecile Swim