How to Make the Most of Your Cecile Swim Pouch

Our pouches were designed to help avoid single-use plastic bags. Their main purpose? For all our #cecilesisters to store their swim after visiting the beach or pool without getting everything wet.
But that’s not all our Cecile Swim pouches can be used for! We’ve come up with a few creative ideas to help you get the most love out of your pouch.

1. For your beach essentials

This pouch was built for the beach! Pop in your sunnies, sunscreen, keys, and wallet to keep everything organised. Our pouch will also protect your items from sticky sand and keep all your valuables safe so you can enjoy a carefree day in the sunshine.

Beach essentials


2. For your stationery

Our pouch is perfect for exams where you need a clear case or just for your study essentials in general. It’s big enough to fit a small notebook, pens, or even art supplies – plus, it's easy to rinse and dry when the time comes!
Cecile Swim Pouch Stationery

3. For your self care items

Our pouch makes it so easy to find all your self-care necessities in your bag when you need them most. We know makeup and skincare bags can be messy sometimes – a waterproof pouch eliminates the risk of spillage and can be quickly wiped clean. Plus, doesn’t it just make your products look so chic? 💋
Cecile Swim pouch self care items

4. For your eco reusables

Never have your reusable straw or cutlery on you when you need them most? Or maybe you can never seem to find them in your bag? Get organised and pop everything together! Our pouch can fit straws, cutlery, and produce bags. It’s also ideal for after your meal or smoothie to store dirty cutlery for zero mess and zero fuss (and zero waste!).
Cecile Swim pouch eco reusables
Our pouches were designed to be reused and are just waiting to get some extra love! We’d love to see how you use your Cecile Swim pouch and what creative ideas you can come up with. Don’t forget to snap a pic and tag us on Instagram!


Much love from,

Cecile Swim