An Introduction to Plastic Free July

Did you know that Plastic Free July started in our beautiful home state of Western Australia? The not-for-profit Plastic Free July started the movement in 2017 and now it has spread all over our Earth, through the people taking part and through the movement’s great effect on our environment.


In short, Plastic Free July encourages everyone around the world to choose to refuse single-use plastic for the month of July. As most plastics never really break down, this movement is stopping thousands of tonnes of single-use plastic from entering our waterways, oceans, and landfills. Plastic Free July is giving everyone the power to be part of the solution to plastic pollution and is showing that small changes can count!


Freya for Cecile Swim


We’re all about raising awareness for environmental causes. If you’re thinking of jumping on the Plastic Free July bandwagon but haven’t quite got there yet, here are our top tips. 


1. Give yourself some slack

Chances are, you won’t perfectly abide by the rules you set for yourself for the whole month. When you accidentally receive plastic, don’t beat yourself up. Learn to forgive yourself and remember that our current system was built around plastic. Progress over perfection – so long as you’re trying, that’s what matters.


2. Start small

If you try to cut everything out at once, it might be a bit overwhelming. There is no rule that says you can’t just pick one disposable item to free yourself of this July. Even that small swap can make all the difference! Our tip is to start with either:

  • The disposable item you use that annoys you the most. Work with this feeling of annoyance. It’s a real motivator.
  • The disposable item you know you can cut out. Start with easy items such as coffee cups or plastic straws and then work your way up to the tough ones like beauty and cleaning products. 


3. Get creative with your swaps

You can go out and invest in all your reusables but that might be expensive. Our advice is to purchase only what you can’t live without at first, and then do the rest yourself (D.I.Y.!).


Here are some DIY swaps you can make to save some money:

Plastic bag bin liner  biodegradable bin liners  line your bin with newspaper

Disposable coffee cup  KeepCup  use a glass jar wrapped in fabric

Plastic wrap  beeswax wraps  make your own!

Plastic bags  grocery/produce bags  use an old t-shirt

Groceries in plastic packaging  matching mason jars  hoard your glass jars instead


4. Be mindful of others

Everyone is on their own journey and it’s important to be mindful of that. There is no single, specific, or right way to take part in Plastic Free July, so don’t forget to encourage and support others who are taking steps to reduce their waste in any way that they can!


Freya for Cecile Swim


Are you taking part in Plastic Free July? It’s not too late to jump onboard! We’d love to know your thoughts about the movement. Send us a message or comment on our Facebook or Instagram.